Aluminium boot lid

Published on 24 September 2021
Citroen DS kofferklep restauratie voltooid

For many years a customer was annoyed about the fact that the boot lid of his fully original Citroen DS Cabrio fitted badly. The polyester from which it was made didn’t retain its form and whatever was done or reinforced, the boot lid still fitted badly.

The original boot lid with a bad fit Citroen DS cabrio

Forming the new aluminium boot lid for the Citroen DS cabrio in the workshop of Bart Holland

The new bootlid of the citroen DS fits like a glove.

In the workshop of Bart Holland a completely new boot lid was made out of aluminium. What of the originality? The old boot lid has been lovingly kept – in the attic. The new lid fits like a glove: a perfect fit.

The new boot lid restored to look just like the original

Citroen DS boot lid restoration completed, looks just like the original


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