Published on 3 February 2022

The electric cables in motor-cars from the beginning of the last century were braided with a cotton sheath. Just like in the houses of that time.

BMW 327 engine compartment
(BMW 327, construction year 1938)

The cotton dried and pulverized over time and this meant a short circuit and a fire hazard. Plastic was not invented until the 1930s, but it took a long time before wiring insulation could be made from plastic.
electrical wiring with a cotton sheath
Restored electrical wiring, with a plastic base inner layer and a cotton outer layer for the original look with modern safety standards
Motorruimte Pontiac
(Pontiac, construction year 1953)

Bart Holland uses electrical cables with two sheaths for restorations: the inner sheath of plastic and the outer sheath of cotton.
As original, but above all safe.
Mercedes Benz 300SL electrical wiring
Mercedes Benz 300SL electrical wiring after restoration
Mercedes Benz 300 SL dashboard restored
(Mercedes 300SL, construction year 1955)
Cadillac electrical wiring

(Cadillac, construction year 1956)


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