New cast dashboard

Published on 23 July 2021
Gerestaureerd dashboard van een Fiat 2300S Coupe

Like many cars of the Sixties, the plastic dashboard of a Fiat 2300 S Coupé was cast in a mould. It was a fast and simple production method. Unfortunately after many years the plastic began to collapse and break from the inside. A new dashboard was not available.

The first step of the restoration of a Fiat 2300S Coupe dashboard

To restore the cast dashboard a mould was made.

At the workshops of Bart Holland, after thorough study in the Library, the decision was made to again cast the dashboard with a soft foam layer, just like the original. The old dashboard was reinforced and made into the right size so that it could be used as a mould.
The result can be seen in the pictures below.

Fiat 2300S coupe dashboard restoration, the old dashboard is used to make the mould and the new dashboard

Fiat 2300S Dashboard mould

When the customer/client passed by to look at his Fiat 2300 S Coupé another visitor asked him how much such a restoration would cost.
The customer answered: “If you ask me this, you cannot afford it”.

Gerestaureerd dashboard van een Fiat 2300S Coupe


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